There Is No Better Way To Say It

lately, honesty has been very big on my agenda and for the most part, it all has been good. when you decide to share things with someone who is unaware of certain situations, i believe it is your duty to make them aware for fear of total self destruction.

but what happens when it comes to your own well-being; how honest can you be with yourself?

when you explain your views or truths to someone it is fact but when it comes to your own feelings, do you really say it like it is?

big question.

i have been blogging my life for years now and can honestly say, good and bad, i have been very honest. i guess the fun part about this blogging is really never know who will read it and how far it will go. the goal is to inspire and see what others feel but in my case i have never really got much response from my readers. they probably sift through it, read a few lines and move on. however, there are some i am sure who read the whole thing and are either to shy to respond or afraid to tell me the truth about what they really think about my thoughts.

all is good.#honesty

i don’t do it because i need please others or want gratification, i am simply sending out messages into the big world. what do need to do more of is telling it like it is because then people would not be wasting their time on things that will never go further than their own brain. the experience of life is about learning but if you know the signs of danger, warnings, then why not take them and move on.

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