epic reality

.decorate your life

i was thinking about decorating this morning, flipping through Pinterest, one of the best social networks ever created, (thank You) and my mind wandered. often our lives are so boring, we tend to fill it with beautiful things, buy expensive items when really there is an easier way to show your creative motivation.


if your environment is beautiful, your mood changes.


i have two months to decide on creative ideas for our new home, did i mention we bought a house? yes. the truth is happening and it is so much bigger than what we have now, my mind has started filling with great decorating ideas. i want to make it creative but also functional. this house we live in now is so small, i feel as though i have a tight rope on all the time. i love space! i want to create the rooms with happy colors and beautiful ideas.


#epic kitchen ideason Pinterest, you can find just about everything, therefore lately i have created extra boards to help me along the way. i truly believe if your escapes can bring joy, such as mine is mexico, then your home should also be your sanction. time plays a factor in all this, because we often want things to quickly, we do not take the time to appreciate the value of slowly making changes. we rush around with 50 million things in our brains and at the end of it all we have accomplished nothing.


for a few months now i have been trying to keep my mind simple, living as though i haven’t got a care in the world, however as nice as this sounds, it is back to chaos. i really need to start focusing on my needs, my wants and bring a more peaceful journey to my own well being. i think it’s time to cut shit out of my life and be more peaceful.

epic reality

.query or not

my thoughts these days are about writing a query letter in hopes to get an agent.



the only way to get a publisher to notice you, after google hit me in the face and said so, is to find an agent. i think personally it is a lot of work, more so than self publishing however when you want the world to notice you need the best.

there are many great ways to do this, i have found examples, people who claim to know what they are doing, critics on others who have written query letters and the ultimate ‘wanta be’ who thinks they know what the hell they are talking about.

the reality: DO YOUR RESEARCH


now the question is how many to do i send? do you take 5 at a time, 10? who knows. if you think about it, it is printing cost, mailing cost and the idea of putting so much effort into this just to get all of it back in your mailbox saying REJECTED really is depressing.

on the other hand, there may be some slight chance someone will take an interest, great! your efforts will be rewarded. at the end of the day, i will do both. seek out and then self publish. i have already recreated 13 Chaos, knowing that it all takes time but it is out there.

my new baby, ‘it all happens for a reason’ is the ultimate book experience. truth be told i love it because it is so real.

i hope to make a connection somewhere soon because i want 2017 to be my year.

epic reality

the new bucket list

i talk often about self love, self devotion and more so how to be epic and live in the moment. lately i am just the opposite, hiding behind my own bullshit, never letting anyone seeing the real me and more so never letting anyone know what is really ailing me.

i guess some old habits are hard to break.


i am also realizing my spirit of laughter and fun is or as diminished and i think this morning i looking at searching really deep into my self to find out what the hell is going on. last night, like a big baby, i cried myself to sleep. yes, 52 and still sobbing as though i had lost something very precious. but the truth is i have – myself. i relentless at finding out what is really going on and i am pursing it as you read this. there is no better way than writing to find out the true nature of anything.


it makes me think, someone gave me a compliment yesterday and i just uttered words of negativity when in fact this person was being so honest. another trait in myself i really need to work on is knowing how to accept a compliment without thinking there is motive behind it. some people in my life see me as a tower of strength, power house, always in control of every situation and the truth is they really never see the real me.


kind of hypocritical isn’t as i am always preaching about being in the moment, be honest and show your true self.

so this boils down to being aware, which i am very confident i know i am not myself these days and just work on that.

2017 – new bucket list and knowing how to make my life epic again!


epic reality

.the time is now

my how time goes by and 2017 is just around the corner.


my thoughts this morning are about life and what everyone is thinking of accomplishing this next year. do we really live in the moment are we constantly worried about the future or even living in the past.


taking a deep inventory of ourselves should be a priority, where am i , what am i looking for, what are my ambitions and how am i going to live completely. to be happy means taking total control over your own personal growth, making sure that what you do in the now is fulfilled. to often we do things we do not like only because it pleases others but are we really satisfying our needs?



i think we live the way we live only because it is what it is. we do what we have too to survive and never give our self devotion a second thought. we are in a flux of standard living and can never imagine the possibilities of being more epic or producing more. maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s doubt or maybe we feel if we change the moment, life will be altered in a such a way that we will no longer feel in control.


what i am thinking for 2017 is skip the resolutions, figure out what doesn’t appeal to you and make your life Epic!

.great loves are like great songs

music helps the soul, it can say something you can’t say out loud, it can fill your heart with joy or sorrow.


the only thing i can really compare it too is love. i believe all great songs have a story and with that comes people and love. my two favorite things in the world. both of which have taught me so much throughout the years and every time i hear a song, i think of a time and place when the meaning of that song inspired me.


big secret with that is i have always wanted to be a great entertainer all my life and find unconditional love. both have failed me tremendously, however, the music lives on every day.


love is much more complicated. i guess we all have our own idea of love and what is should be or not be | mine is that someday, someone will come along and love me as much as i love them and want the same ideas as i do.

it is what it is | acceptance

driving to ambition, living for hope, determination because we, believe in something

i believe most people are disillusioned by their own personal experiences, thinking that either they can make a difference in the world or be greater than they are. my thoughts and feelings are  they are hiding from the reality of life. they don’t want to deal with the fact that our lives are not that exciting, that we have to just live our lives according to what is normal and most of all they really don’t tune in to reality.

i have been following this course on-line with Brendon Burchard and i have to say i am really tuned in this morning. i wondered what hit him over the head to make him the way he is and how he can wake up every morning with this profound happiness he has. is it because he has convinced millions of people how to be great and get rich from it? or are their deeper issues that he himself does not face.

someone like Brendon, celebrities, i believe live in fantasy worlds and they are so deep into it, they can’t grasp the normal. it’s out of their reach! i laugh every time i see them on television trying to live normal lives, shying away from cameras and oh…”time alone with their families”. i bet they would take back all that fame for just one moment to like the rest of use who live in the normal world.

defining normal: get up, drink coffee, go to our job which we know the only reason we do it is to survive the massive cost of living and at the end of the day, catch a little boob tube or check our social networks, then bed.

how exciting is that?

i guess i have decided to become a realist; i have to accept that things are as they are because it is what it is.