epic reality

.the freedom to choose

i have choices, i have the right to decide and feel the way i feel, i also have the power to let go

there are those who always seem to know how to find negativity in every thing i say or do and more so never have the balls to look me in the face and tell me how they feel. i believe this is very immature of them and warrants words.

as a leader, you must always take all kinds of crap but it doesn’t mean as a human i have to believe it. i have choices, the choice to deal with it or let it go. we all know in life not everyone is going to be happy with all that we do because they fear the change, the uniqueness or another’s epic ambition. people are very set in their own ways and when the road takes you elsewhere, these people turn into aliens of some sort. i call them that because you always see a different side of them especially when they don’t like something.

epic lives for epic, no one else.

i must say this over and over in order to believe it and to believe i am doing good. the problem is every time i turn around someone dislikes or back stabs my efforts.

so what to do is the question of the day. i have been told many times i can’t fix everything.

watch me!

and the rooster crows

i woke up this morning thinking what the hell am i doing in the house when i can be outside doing my writing. therefore, stepping out into the nice warm air is so amazing i can’t even begin to tell you how i can breathe easy. i feel very relaxed here, i think it’s the sea air, it has that affect on me.

so as i was setting up my little area, i listened for sounds. other than the planes flying over head every 10 minutes, i could hear a rooster this morning in the far distance. i giggled thinking, people who are closer to that rooster get woken up like that every morning. just funny to me!

as i have been up now for at least an hour, can’t seem to get on the different time zone, i can’t hear the rooster any longer. i wondered if he had woken everyone up and now he had gone back to bed. smart animal.

on another note, last night i was amazed, we went to see a christmas village all set up in a local park. it was absolutely beautiful and it was well designed. i took pictures of course and it seems strange to have christmas in the south without snow. i had a stupid thought then thinking because i am used to associated christmas and snow, there are other parts of the world that celebrate this holiday and do not have snow. brain fart i guess.

today, my third day here, we are going to one of my favorite places. nuevo progreso mexico. i love it because it is very cute, busy, lots of things i can buy and real authentic mexican souvenirs. take the pesos out!

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sunrise in texas

well my fellow readers i finally landed! after a very long day of travelling, soreness throughout my body but glad to be in the land of the palm trees. i don’t know what it is with me but between the sea air and palm trees i find it beautiful.

i texted back home to find out they woke up to a big blanket of white snow. so for kicks i posted that this morning comparing palm trees and white snow. to funny really as it is very humid here to my surprise.

so yesterdays travels, other than being long, were somewhat the same ole same ole. you wait for your flight, board the plane and poof! you are somewhere else in a matter of hours. well i can honestly say, taking several planes is not as pleasant as it seems. however, there are always people around whom i find pleasant to talk too or just nice enough to keep up the chat in order to get through the flight. i met two of those characters, one from san antonio and the other from houston. i believe the guy from san antonio was a lawyer, i’ll check his card again and the other is in the medical field, both going home to their families. i also met a lady whom seemed all to willing to help me in washington as i was pressed for time to catch my connection.

airlines, you gotta love them. they gave me only 10 minutes to get to my next plane ride in washington. but let’s just say we all know most flights aren’t always on time, well i made it.

another thing i find interesting on the plane are those little bags of snacks they give you. funny i say the term snacks lightly because you are lucky to get a dozen of those little pretzels. i was surprised that the stewardess were very polite and courteous as we all know from my adventure on saturday with customer service, that airline is not my favorite.

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i guess my lesson for all this is if you are going to travel, be ready for anything but also remember there is always someone to lend you a hand. i believe we always meet all kinds of people for many reasons and we must appreciate this time.

can’t wait for my adventures today in texas land!!

free speech how far can you take it

i am reaching out to millions of people because the idea of free speech has become slightly limited.

some people go out of their way to hurt others just by saying slanderous things, bullying those who can not protect themselves and harassing in an inappropriate way. i believe it has gone far to long we must as citizens take action!

i live in a very small community and it has come apparent to me, we do not do enough to protect ourselves from this kind of abuse. their are people out there, even social networks like Facebook that allow free speech, not even considering the outcome. there are also people out there who for no apparent reason have a mouth that continuously rambles off, lashing at others and using social networks as a means to destroy another life.

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we do have rights and this kind of behavior should not be tolerated and must be addressed. social networks like Facebook is entertainment for knowledge and fun not for bashing human beings. i am very disgusted as i have seen it far too much lately and wish to make a complaint to Facebook. these public groups, closed or open need to be banned from the world. we ask ourselves why youngsters are suicidal, depressed and become violent in some cases, then this is one good reason.

i hope that this message will go out as it is a time of giving and we should all stand together for peace, love and harmony.

believe in who you are

there is so much tension and lack of epic reality these days, i wonder how we can survive. humans are condition in a way only they themselves see fit. lack of respect is one of the most powerful characteristic i see in my daily living and for me there is no justification for it.

why can’t we just be respectful of others?

i never judge others for their beliefs, ways of living, way of dressing or even how a person speaks. this my friends is definitely called unconditional. there is no way in hell that i can ever stress enough how others can’t grasp this concept of mine. however, i am not without hope that some day, i will accomplish this big task.

believe me, if we all thought in this way, this world would be a much better place. but as we all know, humans are who they are and we cannot change anyone. what is best is the way we approach close minded people and entertain their lives.

all you need to do is consider the possibility that you and only you can be as epic as you want. strive for the ultimate life and consider others in your daily lives.

.how far would you go to get noticed

in today’s society, i believe people say or do things to get noticed. be it as i may seem, some things said are slanderous and can cause pain or hurt feelings.

i truly see the reactions of things said and what people don’t realize is how it can affect a person’s well being. i think, people should take a second look at the ‘run of mouth’. we are all challenged on a daily basis – whether in our profession or in friendships. i do realize you can’t make everyone happy but i truly wish people would think before they speak.

if i have learned anything over the years is that everyone has a unique life. we don’t know what does on in an individuals perspective on things, how they see or feel is of personal nature. physical ailments, mental disabilities or even just lack of social skills. they are still human and we should treat people with respect at all costs.

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there are some who take life for granted, never being aware of what they are saying or doing which in the end we can either take it or leave it. what we choose to do with any given situation is of our own personal growth.

insecurities, plays a big part in this as i have seen many people go out of their way to express themselves in a outlandish way to get noticed. perhaps it is a way to deal with their own personal feelings or way of living. jealousy is another word that comes to mind because someone feels others have something they want or think they want.

at the end of the day, we know for sure, no matter what we do, good or bad, it is all about perception.

judging others will never accomplish anything and it certainly will not make you a hero.