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there are times when you must take a stand on what you believe in. even if it means, upsetting others. we only have one life to live and if you continue to live for the sake of others and their beliefs, you might as well order your gravestone.

the reality of life has been my goal for the last several years. a journey very hard to take and sometimes not easy to acknowledge. in the line of work i do, i must someone else at all cost and that my friends is where people go wrong. in order to genuine, you have to be honest, believable and understanding. i have come to a point in my life where so many things i do not understand, it bears repeating. i have been living in a place of authority because i believed at one time it was my purpose. after this week, i knew it was time to re-evaluate that scenario.

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what i believe to be true and honest is no longer the fact. i want the people to know who i really am, still being respectful and never be judged. that’s the fantasy! the reality is people judge all the time and never accept you for who you really are. they all have their own agenda and foresee their own life as being what they know and want to be of most importance. that is all fine for them but what about the others and why should we even care?

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let’s be honest

i am done pretending and there is only one solution. i will just have to accept the choices and consequences as they come. my decisions are made because i have to take care of me.


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