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i see far too many people fail at this thing called life, broken dreams, what ifs, lost ambition, sacrifice | where does it all go?

i truly believe whomever you are, popular or not, you have to make the decision to do what is right for you and what fits your lifestyle needs. there is no wrong or right answer to life’s questions because everyone is different. even values and morals have their perspective place however live deep within each individual. i am by far no core shaker but i can probably say i have influenced or inspired a few readers in my blog days.

what started out as a self-love devotion to better my well being has become something i cherish every day and even if it doesn’t make sense or the words are not in proper order, i know for a fact the message is being sent.

that is all we can do | send the message

i also believe everyone has something to give to this big world today. i observe people in their most personal moments even when they do not know it and i learn from everyone i meet. i read i watch, i speak and from that, i learn. i deeper than most and can find a way to visualize life’s greatest moments. what is to come, what will be and how it will happen who knows. all i know for today is that my words either make a difference or they don’t.

i do what i want when i want and how. so ask yourself: are you?


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