.yes or not

part of being adults is creating a life we really deserve and want. the hard part is getting there and with no doubt in mind, somethings are harder to achieve.

to see people suffer in silence is one of the things that should never be ignored although i can tell you from experience, sometimes silence is the best medicine. there are those who choose to be silent because they are reflecting on important aspects of their lives. if we were to look at deeper issues, i think we would just stir up some uninvited memories of things we regret and can never fix. the hard part is living with this and being able to say to ourselves, it happened, let it go!


i have many regrets in life, some of which i could just use my big delete button and erase. even today, as much as i know now, i still can’t let that shit go because it haunts me. i have done the research and made the necessary changes to my life in order to better my environment and way of life. however, this comes at a cost and i am unsatisfied with my results.

struggle comes to mind because of this i lose sight of important things and begin to question my ability to succeed. last year my goal was to simplify and i failed at that. i have taken on more responsibility and for what? to be more powerful, popular or because it is in my blood to do better and be better?

those are questions for the next post.

what are we left with…

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