let’s get to business! yesterday i was a little insulted with comments. Social Media is what it is, people have shit to say, people have moments of expression, correct? so why is it we cannot say what we want and leave it at that?

i guess some people are more sensitive than others and feel it necessary to keep the shit going at whatever cost. i was merely stating something on a post, being unconditional and i was ridiculed for it. not that it bothered me but it didn’t make me “unfollow” this group.

how are blogs and websites supposed to gain hits and visitors and followers when people piss you off enough to delete them? i can’t understand.

i am a pretty honest person but when push comes to shove, i have been thinking about all this social media, how i could improve my writing and interaction to get better vibes from everyone. i want to be somewhat popular but more about finding my little corner of the world wide web and make my point about the reality of life. personally i feel as though life is so chaotic and it is causing our stress levels to raise.

if only we couldn’t lighten up.

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