.worthy or not

i have been thinking so much about love, relationships and life lately it bares sharing. the funny thing about these three words is that they are all the same. without life, you can’t have love and without love there is no relationship. but in this big world, arguably, men and women are so ungrateful of what we can give one another we end up alone and stale.

here are my thoughts on relationships, love and life.

i really think men suck; seriously, there is no limit as to what men can accomplish when they put their real heads to work and not use the top of their penis to think. women are either a door mat or to independent that men feel it necessary to prove their manhood otherwise convinced that it is the most important thing they have. what is with the aftermath of a broken relationship; the criticism, the rudeness, the ambitions to try new things or even do the very things that woman have always wanted them to do? men change without notice when they are left alone to wallow in their pity pot but when a woman changes her mind it is either called pms or complicated.

so i ask you why all the fuss? because when women realize how stupid they were to have cried to felt remorse for having even been a unworthy relationship, the inevitable happens: worth.

does she feel worthy enough to want someone? is she worthy enough to make a man want her? and will she ever find the one person/man who will compliment her very core, mind and soul? the scary part is the woman feels blessed with her life and what she has to offer but feels the white knight story needs to die.