.worse feeling in the world!

purpose. what is it? do we want it? do we have it? how do we know?

life is supposed to be about purpose, reason for being who we are and what we do but for some, i see nothing but existence and it made me wonder about my life. i am no different than anyone else; i work, i make money, i pay bills, i have nice things because i wanted them but what are am i really here for? i don’t represent anyone, i don’t fight for any cause or organization, my job is about serving the community but it’s a job.

we are all suppose to have our own little place in the world and i have asked myself over and over again what is mine. i have been looking very hard for that ultimate purpose and still nothing. could be the reason so many of us are unhappy in this place, we walk around with no value to life and no reason for existence except the reality? it is like humans at one point or another procreate and then what? when all is said and done, we are left with just our spouses or nothing at all.

worse feeling in the world!

so i ask you, do we serve a purpose or does purpose serve us?