Worry less about the small stuff

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i believe most people take things for granted, the sun, the water, the air and i can tell you that being on vacation really makes you realize how lucky most of us are. i see the people and culture in Mexico and these people work very hard for their pesos. they treat us like we are royalty and i supposed that is one of the reasons i come here. to feel very important.

sad to say, in my real life, i have only a small amount of people that i can truly say make me feel very important. the love of my life, my son’s and others i can’t mention only because it’s a privacy.thing. as i woke up this morning, looking for great coffee, i kept thinking of my own defects and the one that always translates in my head like a sore toe, is money. although i am very good with it, it’s a constant battle to worry about money all the time. why i do this is probably conditioning from an earlier age. i kept saying to myself this morning, i am on vacation why am i doing this…i guess really it is because i can’t help it.

so day 3 will bring another sunrise breakfast at the beach than a day of basking in the sun, then tonight we will head to a famous disco call Coco Bongo, whereas late as this is i am sure will be very entertaining.

today i leave you with this: if we could program our brains to feel good, there would never be any worse.


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