words of a stranger

words can either destroy you or make you better but only for the moment or a lifetime?

i have had quite the week with people and two in particular, one whom totally made me feel like a piece of shit and the other whom seem to know me better than i knew myself.  we all know that certain words can be pretty hurtful if you don’t realize it, you can seriously damage a person’s self esteem. they say only if you let it but i also know no matter how strong you are, the right buttons can be pushed to the limit.  afterwards, you have to decide whether to fix this individual for the sake of your well-being and for others.  the hard part of this is the repercussions of any action you may take whether in writing or verbally.

this week, i had one person who with a doubt never thinks before speaking; just decides to take action and feels nothing when offending others.  my button was definitely pushed and now even talking about it makes me cringe because i can’t let it go.  the other person whom i was totally shocked with was a total stranger. he for some reason out of the blue said something to me that just threw me for a loop.

“someday you will find someone who will see you for who you really are and love you”

i really have no idea why or where it came from but he seemed to see right through me and it made me realize how people really pay attention when you least expect it. those words really meant a lot because this is an individual is someone whom i just see from time to time in my home town. not a friend, not a neighbour, not even someone who really knows my life but has a big impact on what i do every day.

so i am left with a positive and negative this week in my sense of well-being. i can look at individuals with heart and others with vengeance. how do i choose the right one and deal with what will come after?

by the way, if there is any man worthy enough to accept all of me and be with me through good and bad, never judge and love me unconditionally, he better show up soon. i got a plane to catch in March 2015 and i plan on taking him with me.