women are smarter

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i heard this line the other day that ‘women are smarter’ when it comes to life, relationships and love. obviously, this person was delusional because if we were smarter, we would stop trying to fix things that evidently doesn’t need fixing.

we are creatures of our own character, living among men, trying to fix our relationships by communicating our needs and wants in hope to make our future brighter. the satisfaction of knowing we have this kind of power is but that: illusion. for years now i have but one line that sticks in my head about loving ourselves, that until we do that, we cannot love someone else. let me tell you something…loving ourselves is one of the easiest successes you will ever accomplish. when you set the goal, push yourself to your limit and know you will come out a winner, it is because you have that kind of self love and confidence needed to live.

as a woman, when i need something, i go get it. i work hard and play hard. if i want to try something new for the sake of saying i did it, i can. i do not need to prove to anyone that i love myself just because people say so. the hard part is loving another and having the patience, understanding to accept everything about them. as a woman, i have failed over and over again because i could not accept certain things and regret all of it. however, i have also felt that i deserve the same love as i give myself.

so i ask you, are we smarter for walking away from something we can’t fix or smarter to stay in something that makes us less worthy of ourselves?


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