why we hurt the people we love or don’t love

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pointing the finger at someone has been a big issue lately for me and sometimes when i am at a loss for words, it is because i am trying to find peace within.

most people do not realize that when someone accuses you of something, whether it is true or not, the reason you feel so upset and alienated is because deep down there is something within yourself you do not see. for years i have learned to look at this with a great deal of perspective. i used to let everything bother me to the point i would get sick. now, when i feel as though when someone points a finger at me, i ask the question:

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“was this really directed at me?”

for the most part i know from experience it is not me but the idea of the current situation. we tend to react more than realize and therefore offend the very core of the human condition. i hate hurting people especially when i love them dearly | the thing i hate most is when i have hurt someone i don’t even know or realize it until someone makes me realize it. same goes for me | i wish people would take a step back and see how damaging words can be. people who act like they are bigger than others is because they themselves have deeper issues and have not faced them. i can say with confidence and assurance finding peace within is one of the most revelation any human could have.

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this week i have been driven by people who can’t see this light, who have hurt others and do not realize the severity of this situation. i hurt inside because i cannot fix it | i need to just let it go and hope it will be ironed out on its own. this position i am in is at times a frustrating one because i have to shut up and never utter words i really wish to say. although with experience comes responsibility and i know deep inside this too shall pass.


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