why some have everything

others have to fight for their lives…in sickness and in health we are the experiments of life. we live our lives according to the ‘norm’ and never really understand why some people have it all and others suffer. what frustrates me are those who work so hard to achieve the simple life and i ask myself why. we learn, we find ways to make our life rich and happy and yet there is always chaos or worse struggle.

i don’t know about you but i am sick of struggling, finding ways to enrich my life without having the heartache of time shifting from underneath me, especially when i know i am a smart woman and always find my balance. sometimes i wonder about the simple people who have no responsibilities, who float around every day, routine by dictation but yet always find a way to laugh at every situation. of course the reality of these people they don’t have to work and really do not know the truth about how life is supposed to be lived. they go about their business and haven’t got the knowledge of day to day hardships or struggles.

then there are those who are brought into this world to have what we have called for years ‘the silver spoon’. they win at everything, struggle at nothing and even when they set their sails to adventure new things,

it seems as though everything comes naturally and they never have to worry where the next loaf of bread is coming | they know, actually it isn’t even a question of wondering they just go buy it. we normal people juggle every week saying, who am i paying this week, can i slide another payment on this or that and next week maybe i can get that loaf of bread. probably why we feed our children today with fake foods, living on the easy cheap ingredients that come from Kraft Dinner.

i remember a time when my children were small and i would say: ‘well mom has $40 this week for groceries’ sad but true and i would make sure they had everything they needed for school and at least for the most part good food on the table. today life has changed | the kids are grown and yet i am still struggling with worry over where they are headed and how they will feed themselves next week.

my thoughts are this: if i was given the silver spoon would life be different for them and myself? knowing me, i have such a big heart, i would give most of money away to people who actually need it and not those who take advantage of life.

be epic today my friends and find someone to pay it forward.

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