.why some focus on the negative

being away from home make you think about life in general. although you are busy with business matters, you always can find time to take a moment and personalize yourself.  i for one find it great therapy and also a time to redefine your purpose. every time i question my ability to be epic, something always brings me back from that negative bullshit.

when i feel pressured or low i ask myself why is this happening? who made me feel so low that i truly believe it? then for a moment, my processor goes back to the actual time when someone said or did something and tear apart the situation. was it really aimed at me or was there bigger issues? maybe i was offended because it triggered something i would rather not face or simply that some people just find joy in bringing others down.

what we have to remember is that even though others may have more life experiences or have their own agenda, we cannot compare ourselves to them. we live in our own environment where things are always different from another. seeking out some similar things can also inject false reasoning.

what i liked about our teachers this week is they did just that. they did not focus on the negative, what we didn’t do, what we should have done but they brought out the reasoning behind our experiences.

again. as i mentioned in last nights post, grateful and appreciative of the one’s i meet and greet in my travels but when it comes down to it, i only have to please one person.