Why people give up on relationships

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it no longer serves a purpose | you are fighting a losing battle | your goals are different

there are many reasons why relationships fail but when is it that attracted us to this unhealthy relationship in the first place? is it because one or the other person was pretending to be something they really are not or we so consumed by the idea of actually having someone who would at least pay attention, that we blinded ourselves into this crazy fantasy?

i have tried all my life to fight hard for a love i believed | not only once but twice | was my life long partner. i loved them both in different ways so much so i honestly thought you were supposed to fight the very thing you believe in.

“fall apart doesn’t mean break up..just means

you fucked up and said and did things that you shouldn’t have..

and to forgive and work on shit”

my comment was : “not in my lifetime. it was always apart and stayed there. just saying”

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the true question in all this is why have all my relationships failed? why was that other person not willing to fight for me, for what was or worse couldn’t see what i seen? why spend so much time with someone only to find out they really didn’t give a shit for the future? were they willing to stay together with no hopes, no dreams, no ambitions and just stuck in a place where growth was something you read out of a dictionary?

why waste time making me believe the love was there and wasn’t?

what comes after this feeling is the thought that at my age, i really don’t want to go through that again. the whole getting to know someone only to find out, they didn’t appreciate my value because this is where i am at. i feel i have wasted so many years believing in something that really doesn’t exist, isn’t real and feel cheated.

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it isn’t complicated. i want what i want and most people don’t even know what they want out of a relationship. still, it doesn’t make you feel any better when you are the one hurting because you have been tossed aside from something you thought real.

never waste time on people whom you know in the beginning it will not work. if you see signs, get out! things don’t take time, people need to work on them if they believe. if there is no love, that is when you know they will not fight for you.



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