Why Not Do It Today

it is Wednesday and i feel i have been detached from my writing but here i am. we all have lives and sometimes it takes us to other places and we get distracted from our real work.


we must never forget, if we are better then everything else is better. i have made a new acquaintance this week and she is lovely. good character and although i have not met her officially i think she is to be a friend for life. it times of needed support it is always good to have people who can relate to those issues you may or may not want to talk about. in my case, many things fly around, self-confidence is one of them.

i am also thinking of my new career, my upcoming exam and most of all the time is needed to set forth a good path. i find myself with a headache this morning and i believe it is with lack of good sleep and a new way of life that my body is adjusting. that is good but also i must be careful. i also find it difficult to write, now that i am not in the public eye, i force myself outside in order to see people. stories are needed if i am going to confront the reality.

what is next? well, i anticipate good things and hope that i can find balance in my life in order to continue this semi-retired life. i miss many of my old colleagues and i will try to visit them soon; maybe that will bring the feeling of being grounded back.

until then, let’s be epic, let’s enjoy this journey together and find the time to buy my first lesson! you will love them.