Why do we care

there are things in life that are very complicated, it seems to me life has become so chaotic, we have not time for serenity. we have schedule everything, to do lists, agendas, time management is one of the biggest life line. i have also come to realize who matters most in life and those people we seem to care and worry about all the time.

there are some people who just aggravate you so much you couldn’t care less so much you don’t want them to be a part of your life only because you know they are toxic to your well being.

tomorrow, i must return to my regular work and i dread it. i feel so much better when i am away from that place and if only i could see myself find another job that i love. hope is one of the things that keep us going and i certain have some of that left. for today, i can only hope that people will just have to accept how i feel and deal with it in their own way.

the only thought i have for you today is this: life is to short to be stressed, unappreciated and certainly chaotic. simplify your life in a way that accommodates you.