Why Change When The Rest of the World Refuses

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abnormal, sanity, reality. the three words I find myself looking for these days and truth beyond recognition. blogging has been a big part of my life over several years and I truly believe had I not expressed my words, thoughts and moments, maybe I would be in a different place.

the bigger picture is that of why I do this and what does it all represent. I read many articles, follow many social media networks and without a doubt I can tell you, it has become a willingness to let it all go.

we are supposed to make a big impact on life, live according to our own expectations and yet people still surround themselves with ideas and thoughts of others. the beginning of an ending is experiences to show us how we have lived, what we do and how we believe people with react.

I also used to want people to notice my efforts, acknowledge my abilities and hell even make some money at it. my friends, I must say, this idea is all farce. the true me is looking for more answers but what I have realized is that some of us aren’t meant to be better than the person next door but rather a dot in this big world.

as last week is gone and we begin a new week, I am here to tell you that my writing will become a real expression of my thoughts. no bullshit, no lies, no pretending to be something I am not and certainly authentic. as I have set this website on maintenance mode for several days, it also made me realize how creativity has left the building. sometimes taking it back to basics is a means to an end.



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