Why Can’t We Speak Our Minds Without Feeling Restricted?

i have been thinking a lot about the reality of life lately and it is no wonder people aren’t who they are because of the ever changing world we live in. you can’t say what you want when you want and i believe it restricts us from being ourselves.

respect comes to mind as well | i realize in this ‘politically correct’ world, we must shut the hell up sometimes but i also believe it bares witness to unpleasant actions.

why can’t we speak our minds without feeling restricted?

there are very few in my life whom know me and accept my bluntness, who tolerate my reactions and feelings towards anything. | thank you for that | however, i know there are still times when i want to literally speak out my exact true nature and the hell with what they think or feeling. but in the real world i know that if i spoke out, i would probably be arrested or slapped most of the time. this is one of the reasons why i stop sharing my blog on my Facebook because there many people on there whom i interact with on a daily basis.

however, this is my life, my writing and as a friend once said | take what you want and leave the rest.

i have tired of hiding my true value and nature of this crazy world. i believe we all have the right to dish out whatever we feel if only not to restrict our true nature but to relieve some tension. as far as i am concerned, most people don’t give a shit any ways, so why hide behind a computer screen?

so today, this is being posted everywhere. the people who truly care about me | few and far between | will accept my writing and not judge. if i offend them, well then that is their problem.