Why are you still living in that Life

i found a video this morning that truly said exactly what i have been saying or trying to say for years. so many of us forget to live our dreams, find the inner peace we long for and avoid the leap of self-reality. but how do we do this epic leap to a better self?

i did it.

when you find your true purpose in life something happens to everything around you. the mind and the body changes; not only does your spirit feel better but your inner beauty decides to make an appearance. it is truly liberating to find that one true thing you can get up for every day. for years i have worked at a job that really hides my true nature, suppressed my true ability to live and especially stopped me from being who i really wanted to be. it was an image of something else that made me feel so bad about myself and uncomfortable.

the other thing i learned is sometimes we live in such a way because it is comfortable, it is what we know and it is conditioned.

however, when you step out of these elements that are doing absolutely nothing for you, you will find out a few interesting facts about yourself. at first, it can be very difficult but as soon as you exercise step by step new things, new beginnings, new adventures, you find and see how the life around you that you have known for so long soon disappears. the dreadful, aching sorrow of being stuck in someone else’s story will drag you to the ground.

i am grateful for the people i have encountered in my life through my careers and will always hold them dear to my heart but sometimes you just have to walk away in order to heal yourself.

today is a new day and i am living in the moment. what are you waiting for?