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what defines you? have you ever searched so deep to find that epic moment in yourself? some of us can’t and others it is like a given. the era in which we live in has changed so drastically, some of us cannot keep up, therefore eventually we lose site of what is really important. we can no longer define our own ambitions, our own presence and therefore lose the ability to live a full life.

i have been speaking of my own personal experiences for years and lately the focus has been on finding my happiness. it is factual that lately my ability to be happy has left my mind and body. finding that inner balance seems unattainable and i feel as though i merely exist for the sake of being there. like a stick, i do what i have too on a daily basis and that’s it. there is no life in the way i present my self and i mostly do it because it is expected.

that is no way to live, i agree. but for some reason, i see my life and am no happy with the way it turned out.

a friend told me yesterday: “you are never stuck. just change it, start over”

#epicreality quotesnot that simple for most people. some of us do not want to start over and over, some of us just want to live the life we were meant to live. with passion, ambition, love, excitement and adventure. i am really sick of people telling me how it is or how it should be, i am mostly sick of them not understanding my feelings about how i feel, they are the first to tell me how easy it is to change but never really consider the reasoning.

i guess my motivation will have to come from somewhere else and soon i hope because without it, i am numb.


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