why are choices reveal our life

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for some of us, life can make us realize things we really could never accept about ourselves and the epic reality sets in, you question all of your decision abilities.

i am no stranger to trials and tribulations of life, relationships, friendships and mixed families, although i am not an expert, i still feel i have said and done enough to grant this epic story.

nothing feels right | my sense of belonging has become very apparent to me and i am fighting a losing battle. even yesterday i asked myself the question of being unique and who i am | which i have worked so hard for and yet was shot down again for feeling the way i feel. i do however realize in certain situations, we must act in a way of respect and discretion but i have to tell you, when it doesn’t feel right, we shouldn’t have to go against our will.

my epic reality today is how to be who i am without questioning whether i am acting correctly or incorrectly and feel good about my decisions. shrugging off certain situations is one of my hardest challenges of life because i do let everything bother me. people tell me all the time i have to get bigger shoulders but i have to be honest and say my shoulders are to heavy to handle any more bullshit.

epic decisions must be made and i fear i will again be thrown against time and the wind.


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