.who takes out the garbage

i woke up with thoughts of this: where is a good man when you need him on a day like today? i am off, working late tonight and my tree and garbage needs to be at the road by 7am.

here’s what i am getting at…

men are always complaining that we women have to much drama, that we need to dump our garbage, well where the hell are this morning? here is your chance. all talk no action is what i say! you think, wow this is not a good scenario but it is. when men and women get into a relationship, they have all kinds of garbage. past relationships, hang ups from the past and a list of expectations which we all know are far fetched and unrealistic. i think people our age, the minute they feel the slightest anything for someone else, we start tearing at that garbage because we do not want to carry it around. that is why so many of us are single because we have learn from the past and seen the things we do not want from another or from a new relationship.

so what happens to the ones who really care about someone but can’t stand most of their garbage? we know it is something that makes us uncomfortable, that we shriek at even the thought of some of their actions and then we feel hopeless because we know deep down the future does not look good. even the good can’t out weigh the bad, therefore we walk away.

my worthy note: when i was in love, i could move mountains as they say, however i just couldn’t take out the garbage.