Who is your BFF

the term “BFF” we all know what it means but how can you justify the words best friend forever? if people don’t understand the word unconditional how can you expect them to be your BFF. i used capital letters cause i find this term very amusing as i do not really have good friends i consider trustworthy or a friend forever for that matter. i know exactly what you are thinking at this point. WTF comes to mind because i have many close people that could be considered a BFF but are they really?

the first person whom we might consider our BFF is our partners, i use the term partner because i do not have a husband, only because he will not marry me. he is a wonderful man and i would go the distance to make him happy and feel secure. he is also a great listener, patient with my retarded life and accepts me unconditionally more than i can say for a lot of my past relationships. i love him truly and did i mention he makes a great cup of coffee?

another person is a person whom i have known for years and work with, he puts up with my bullshit and is forever working as hard as i do to make things possible at our job. i probably don’t tell him enough that he is appreciated in all that he does but i do. another person is this woman whom i also work with, very unique individual and just haven’t figured her out yet. we are very different in all aspects of our lives and i feel she doesn’t quite know the real me, which i am sure would scare the shit out of her.

i am sure there are a few more i could or should consider a BFF but i don’t have all day to write about this. what i am getting at is this. if you are lucky enough to honestly trust people and have that one close friend, go to buddy, be grateful. show them they are appreciated and never take them for granted. there is a line i heard in a movie once, “i am alone read” which i so relate too. it means standing rare in your own world or it is how interpret it.

one day when i can show my true colors again, i believe epic reality will take a different turn and the true feelings of who i am and what i really think will come out. for now, i keep it pretty simple and use words that are less aggressive in nature to no offend the people i know.