Who holds your future

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i would like to discuss self love. sometimes, we think we know things, understand them and then bam! you get thrown a curve ball. people are so inflated at times, they really do not see the big picture. we are jaded by our ego that we lose sight of the reality.

other times, we are blind we do not see the potential we may have for something better. one of my favorites is working very hard for something and only to be shot down and told you aren’t good enough. that hurts! when we know we can something potentially important and understand it and then get someone to tell us that we just don’t make the grade can be the worse feeling in the world. you start to second guess all your efforts and even sometimes wonder if you aren’t fooling yourself to believe that maybe they are right.

another scenario is that those people telling you these awful things aren’t as smart as you and can’t see pass their own ambitions. i believe this is a fear; they believe when a smart person comes along, it may take away from their status quo or whatever rank they hold. but the question is how to determine who is right and who is wrong?


i believe everything has a time and place, really i do and if things are meant to be they will fall into place. i also believe working hard should only mean something to you personally, not for someone else’s benefit.

therefore in the end, if you want something bad enough, you should work for it but also remember, when you see this is going nowhere, stop and think, is it meant to be?


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