Where to Begin

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we often take life for granted but there are also times when our bodies decide to give us an indication, it’s time to slow down. i am a perfect example of this, not realizing i was making myself sick. the other day, an epic thing happened to wake me up and take a deeper look at this life of mine. it has affected me drastically and now i must take action.

the art of knowing when to much is too much is realizing you are at the bottom. push comes to shove, most people would think this was a bad thing when in fact this is good. years ago, i would have written different words on this idea but today, as i know better, i can honestly tell you, when you are the bottom and realize it, this is where “you can do it” comes into play.

giving up is only an easy way out, not something i strive for, never have but i can do is take some small steps to remind myself why i am here and alive in the first place. the commitments i have made will have to take a bit of a back seat at the moment in order for me to better understand my reality and accept the changes i am living.

it is so necessary at the moment to take note of everything and structure this shit that i have literally must write it down. i am keeping a journal, not going to post it but something very personal so i can learn from my feelings, ideas, thoughts and body language. knowing is growing and i intend to make my life much better for myself. the rest will just have to understand and live with it.


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