Where is Your Oasis

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let’s get down to business. i have been really busy these days and my personal writing has taken a set back. so let’s get real!

as we in full swing of summer, i am so glad not to mention this weekend i will start the process of set up the backyard. for me, this is my tranquility as i get the privacy and surrounding things that keep me at peace.

we are going to build a new fence, then the deck and i am getting a new pergola this year, something i have never had, then the pool. i will also have a garden hopefully if i am not to late.

the idea of it all is to have a place where nature and air touch your core, so that you might feel more liberated. how often we avoid taking these moments as we set our growth goals. you must find your own place that keeps you sane, somewhere where the world can’t touch you and really begin or continue the process of serenity. this oasis is a place almost as good as my beach. summer i am here, winter over there. it would be great to do both for longer periods of time.

there is always hope.

a girl can dream!


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