what and where has worth been?

busy. life happens and my writing has suffered for it but much needed attention was needed elsewhere. good things come to those who wait but sometimes if you wait to long, things, people and life disappears.

so here i am…

what’s new? well in the recent weeks, self worth has been in play for me; discovering deep down issues that i must say were very surprising.  i realized that i am a very jealous person, of everyone, have been since i was a child. sad to say but as an adult that has caused many problems in my life but i am now very aware of it and have found a way to deal with it.

the other thing i discovered had kinda knew for a long time is that i really don’t know who or what i really like in my life only because i was never quite able to accomplish anything of my own. i have been a daughter, lover, girlfriend, wife, a mother, a friend, a step sister and now i am left wondering where is ME in all this.  knowing what you need and want out of life is one of the hardest things to work at.

my other big thing is communication. i thought this year would be different. i would learn how to say the things i needed to people, face to face and yet i still can’t. hopefully in the new year i can work on that because i hear it is very refreshing.

for now, life is what it is and i am going to make the best of whatever it is i like. whatever that may be.