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as i read the headlines of top trending news this morning, i was really disturbed to see how little do we ever see happy things or good reviews on something important. LagaGaga said well the other day when she was on jimmy kimmel: « social media is like the toilet of the internet. »

the bad stuff is easier to print than taking the time to find really good stories. I wish I had the luxury of going around town or the world to find really good stories to share with the world but I truly believe it is because people have become so accustom to the ‘same old, same old’ they really stop paying attention.

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we are creatures of habit, waiting for the next celebrity break up, if the bachelor is really hoping the fence or if we will get that bad storm coming. what we do not realize is we worry more about what is happening in other parts of the world or on television then what is going on in our own back yards. we are constantly waiting for that next big thing, the next pay cheque, the next time we have to get up and do it all over again when we should be living in the now.

Magenta Door with bougainvillea  #bougainvillea #Door #magenta

I live very much in this moment, even though my life has went to shit! it is partly my fault and knowing that will make me a better person but it has also made me understand the meaning behind door number 1, 2 and 3. no matter which door we choose, we have no control over anything and even though we can predict the outcome of any situation, in my case, it never pans out.

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I am not a crazy person, I am very stable and in my own mind but I am telling you people that someone has it in for me and I fail to see why. bad luck, bad situations follow my very existence and I either have to come to terms with this soon or I fear I no longer have a clear path to what comes next.

Porthcurno Beach. Cornwall

this week has been a very bad week; I have been sick with a very bad head cold and it has sucked the energy right out of me. 5 days in, I woke up this morning without the sore throat and I am grateful for that as I have a very important date tomorrow. I am attempting a new career again, being tested for 2.5 hours and I have no idea what it is all about. I will go in with an open mind, relaxed brain and hopefully come of this with good news.

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this is a whole new adventure and we shall see what the future brings. in the meantime, I am still awaiting my voyage to the ocean, 9 days to go!


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