When you can’t say I LOVE You


my favourite word. since i was little i have searched high and low for ways to love. of course growing up i really knew nothing about it until one day i realized how unconditional love is the key ingredient to any relationship. although someone may love you in their own epic way, it doesn’t mean they love you with their whole heart and acceptance of who you are and what you represent.

i see and meet far to many people who act as though they understand the word ‘love’ and really do not project this reality in a way that is acceptable to most. i love many people in my life but there only a handful i can honestly say i love unconditionally. these people i hold dear to my heart and would go to the ends of the earth to help them or be there for them under any circumstance. they live in my epic reality and will forever remain a part of my life.

as we all know love can be shown in many different ways and we must see these actions as an important part of the individuality of the person showing this love. if we fail to see this we would certainly create havoc between seeing what is real and what is not. there are people who cannot say the words ‘i love you’ but in a course of the day will show you how grateful they are to be a part of your life. in essence this is love because that person looks for ways to tell you they love and hope that you react to these gestures.

there is a great saying ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ but with love we must absolutely see the small stuff in order to feel the love that is being given to us. when we open our hearts to the right person it is amazing what things will evolve and how fulfilled we will feel.

there is always a chance and with experience i know that love is never kind at times but maybe if we accept the reality of the situation we can find a greater good in all loving relationships.