When does it all stop

why is it we allow people to get the best of us? i see so much violence, bullying, verbal lashings and i can’t figure out why people have resorted to this kind of behavior. there is no logic for this and unfortunately, this is the society we live in.

we all know that back in the old days, a long time ago, discipline was treated with beatings and slaps and then came the words. sometimes words hurt more than the slaps or beatings but nonetheless it is still something that will stay with us forever.  unless you are a perfectly strong human being and can get past that, the fact remains. any kind of abuse is unacceptable.

i have my own reasons for this kind of behavior but that does not matter, what i see is a world full of angry people, people who are jealous, people who get a kick out of hurting others or acting in a such a way makes them feel superior to others. i ask you, how is this possible. at some point, you just want to shut it all off but you know that if the situation isn’t dealt with, this will only get worse.

how far will a person go to get their point across, pretty far i would think. this is where my unconditional life comes in. i believe people are all unique and deserve their voice to be heard. if something is bothering them. then listen. sometimes it’s just a matter of letting them talk the talk. never judging is another form i use because i had wished people would never judge me. although that never happened in my lifetime, i am still very firm on this idea.

there are very few people i can honestly say understand this concept and yet i still doubt them. maybe i am in denial, maybe i am hopeful but it is who i am and what i believe in.

i only want peace of mind, nothing more, nothing less.