When You Want To Feel Great

throughout life, we learn many lessons | lessons in love, lessons as children, parenting, friendships and there are those lessons we hate the most | the one’s we learn about ourselves.

for a few months now, i have been trying to feel great about life and all the lessons i have learned, keeping my spirit up or at least trying and i felt as though every time i tried that, something or someone would shut me down.

i know the theory is you take in as much as you need and leave the rest but there are times when i personally sit and think, maybe i am doing something wrong and there are times when an event will just changes the whole aspect of life.

people say and do things to remind us of who we are and who we represent and then BAM! it hits you.

what could i do differently again to make this a positive time in my life? i am also a fighter | when i feel strongly about something or someone for that matter, i fight very hard to make things work. i guess it is because i feel it is worth the effort and i see the future outcome in a very different way than most people.

one revelation i realized yesterday and finally came to terms with was that i am very smart and with that comes responsibility by which i fully take pride in | any action or reaction people may have of me should bare no importance but i believe it is what makes me grow each day.

i also feel that despite my differences with people, i do have a very giving heart and when push comes to shove, i would certainly help anyone i can or stand up for whatever they believe in because that is who they are. i respect everyone because everyone is an individual and should be treated equally.

in the end, i will stand for who i am and believe that whatever i do or feel is the uniqueness in my personality and whether i am accepted or not | i know there are people who also believe in me and i must own up to that responsibility.