When you know, your up shits Creek

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that’s an old saying but I felt it was appropriate and when life begins to show you signs of wrong turns, you question everything.

I like people but sometimes they are the drive in my reality. some can’t even imagine how impossible it is to live a life that is non-existent and others simply don’t give a crap. I for one, feed on the ideas of people to give me insight on what comes next.

the odd time I find a good story, I will take it and find a way to incorporate it in my writing. then the inevitable happens, I begin to explore the reasoning behind people’s motivations. what I don’t understand is why people are so judgemental and jump to conclusions about things. I suppose it is because it then becomes a personal issue which has nothing to do with the actual conversation or actions that is being laid out.

I can’t stress enough how people should really learn my method of living an unconditional life, seeing everything for what it is and how important it actually is to our well-being. I believe the term “face-value” comes into play but most of all the “now” should be everyone’s reality.

in the end, today, I take things one day at a time and know that whatever tune plays in my life, it will be there for a reason. I will not however be a victim of crazy behaviour, uncompromising decisions or stupidity without facts.


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