When You Know You Are Never Going Up

in our lifetime, some of us strive for greatness. After trying and trying, over and over again without success, your mind tells you to


So many rejections can also damage your soul, your ability to want more for yourself and you become numb to the idea of ever wanting anything greater than what you have or can be. This also creates a very bad taste in your mouth as you say about the certain people, places, and ideas. I am like the artist of this, wanting to be better, showing my skills and never achieving the obvious. I think big companies are wrapped up in their own minds and thoughts and never really see the big picture. They settle for what they see on paper or what is right in front of them. They don’t know a person until they actually take the time to know them.

I really believe in my life, if I am ever going to find true happiness is to take that big leap and go for what is real to me. My abilities, my experiences have shown me that I am wasting my valuable time on people and things that do not matter, that show me no hope and especially do not appreciate me.

I am tired of being at the bottom when I should be at the top of the food chain. Money is a big factor in this present time but I can say if it means killing my spirit, avoiding the reality of my life is going to eventually kill me. ( in a matter of speaking )


so my next move is to decide the best course of action.