when you judge others


relationships are hard even in the public eye because on a daily basis we deal with all kinds of people. rich, poor, drug addicts, poor dressers, non-communicative, elderly, young and even foreign. what are perceptions are of these people can vary from time to time or even become a habit of nature. working in this kind of environment can be very stressful and we must use logic at all times.

but then there is the quality of empathy that must kick in when faced with a difficult situation. what bothers me are those whom we think are there to make us feel as though we have the support needed at these intense moments when in fact they are merely a mirrored image of a statue or worse looking out only for their well-being. i can’t tell you how did disturb on so many levels, because you would probably lock me up or worse have me arrested for slander, however, i feel society has created a monster in all of us.

today, we have to fight for everything; the right to rights, the right to live, the right to state our opinion and even that is dictated in a law that we must say things in a certain way or we could be arrested for being politically incorrect. which brings me to choice: how is it we have choices but must also suffer consequences when shit is just not in our control? and even though certain things are not in our control then why is the finger still being pointed directly at us?

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