when the decisions are made

often, people talk about choices | i hate that word, i really do because i have always believed that no matter what choice made something always comes along and alters it.

we live according to what we believe to be satisfactory to our needs. i am sure at one time or another we lived for the purpose of guiding others | children | shaping them into what we want and hope they will grow into strong adults.

letting go of that responsibility | parenting | is one of the hardest things to do. but at one time or another you have too. we as parents have to allow our children to make decisions, mistakes, view challenges all on their own. we can longer keep our lives on hold for the sake of worrying if my child falls, i need to be there in case. otherwise we are still living their lives and not our own.

this concept was one of the hardest for me as i was one of these mothers who would not breathe without knowing my children were ok. today, i learn to let go and let them be who they are and not control any of their lifestyle actions. what i do look at is my own and what works for me. it isn’t selfish, it is sanity. it is a way of growing.


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