When One Door Closes, Another is Right There for You to Open



there is a mindset when we take on a new adventure, a new way of life and a new direction. although we are prepared for anything, there are times when even the greatest plans can alter your way of thinking. my personal life has been sharing many times over and i am sure that some of my readers have taken even a little piece of serenity when reading.

last night, i was reminded of places, people create our existence. without this we would not be who we are. but it is not what we do but how we perceive things. all us have opinions about all kinds of different things and we must respect that all the time. we may feel as though what someone says or does is wrong but it is their way of living and thinking that molds them, not us. i am certainly learning each day how to be at peace with myself and i am grateful for the things i have and also the people who have touched my life over the years.

what i truly would like is to continue this growth and find the epic happiness that i have so long searched for. it is sad to say this but it is the truth. i see faces that in my view seem truly happy in their lives but to feel that within is another thing. we all need to feel this and all would be a better place. what we show people on the outside may not be what is on the inside.

never judge.

never assume.

never criticize.

you do not know what others are going through or what they are truly feeling. as i close this week’s writing, i send out my inspirations to the people whom i interact with every day and thank them for being a part of my life. each one had something special to share and i appreciate them.

as always, be epic, be real