when negativity hits your reality

special is a word we take for granted. it is used in many forms and we can over look the obvious truth about special.

simple is a word people have forgotten because they are so wrapped up in their own reality, they forget the importance of life. i have seen it happen to often that others will use negativity  as a shield to create their own personal gain. the hard part is that it can really affect a persons way of life.

so how do we mend those who terrorize our way of believing and living the good life?

the reality is we should be strong enough to see the truth behind any convictions and insults, although sometimes we would like to take the steps necessary to justify this negativity but we can’t because we know deep down some of these people say or do things to make themselves feel better.

as stupid as this sounds it is the truth. people who can’t come to terms with their own insecurities will lower other people to make them feel inferior even at any cost.

my reality is avoid them, believe in who you are and what you are living for and i know eventually karma will those who choose to lower others. be epic and the hell with those who do not feel happiness in the small things in life.