when does it all end

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changes are inevitable and depending on the kind of person you are changes can forever alter your lifestyle. but what happens when so many things have changed you lose focus on the moment? the reality?

we all want to better ourselves, we all want to be great, we all want to live the lives we had hoped.

‘the ultimate – status quo’ dictates everything we do or say and when we put a knife in it, life alters. we must justify everything and feel nothing. if you think about it, we are like robots never really seeing the true nature of our existence.

what is for one day you could just be you? what is you woke and said:

“ok. today is the day i decide what is best for me – the hell with the rest of them”

without sounding absolutely selfish, it is a point of interest. most people i know are acting like someone else to either impress or hide behind their true self because they have too or because society expects it.

so why are so many of us acting as though our well being doesn’t matter, why is it we can’t just speak freely and tell it like it is? i guess it’s because we are afraid if we did, so many others would be affected and humans are all conditioned to be human.

as this week ends, many of my boxes are open, travelling around as if there was no place to land. i know around my piers i stand out in the crowd and if you ask anyone, i am the most unique person with a voice. i sometimes think they are just waiting to see what i will say next or what i will do next. perhaps it is a guide for me, something to entertain.

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