Whatever i do or say

everyone has woken with the thought of making big changes in this new 2018. i on the other hand live in my moment and can tell you this is where most people take life for granted.

why do we continuously consider the rest of the  year when it hasn’t happened yet? stop for a minute.

can you honestly say you know exactly what the plan is for 2018? can you set that big expectation? do you know how many factors are involved?


no one does.

what you can do is think of today, maybe tomorrow because most of us will be returning to work and you can certainly outline something positive to do for yourself in 2018 but don’t look to far ahead. expectations are to high in my reality and we must at all cost consider the possibility that all will not take place, will not take form only because we can’t control the rest of the world.

all you do today is know that you are making your life as epic as can be and you are better than you were in the past. you can feel as though you have contributed in your own special way and accept the unconditional knowledge that not everyone will accept your ideas, thoughts, feelings and existence.

i may have one goal. to stop worrying what everyone is thinking.

i have seen this, everyone has their own agenda and no one really gives a shit. therefore, today i leave you with my own epic reality thoughts: “i set forth with the possibility that i am satisfying my own needs and wants and not one person will take that away from me.” whatever i do or say is for my own well being.