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    how do we define simplicity – how do we begin to adapt to lifes’ stresses without going completely insane

    humans are conditioned to survive – we get up, go to work, eat, sleep and at times remember to breathe. the odd time we find ways to entertain ourselves by joining clubs, doing extra activities, having hobbies or for the sake of laughter (which is the best medicine) find ways to incorporate the lighter side of life.

    the reality is, negative or positive, life will go on even though you try to make it as rich as possible. life will alter anytime it wants and even though people change their course, for some reason, time knows no boundaries.

    these days, my reality is frustration, dependency, lack of things, respect and certainly trust. a couple of years ago i had vowed i would simplify my life and to be in the present moment, i have made my life more complex than ever. even with all the training of time management, my smart ass head keeps moving in all directions and seems to want to continue on this path of complicated. roles and responsibility come into play because after all if we had none, what would we be?

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    all i am stressing is this: i wish more people would live realistically inside of posing like life is an audition for a major movie role. this is it, there is nothing else, this is your life and no matter how hard you work, how hard to strive for the best of the best, there is always going to be a big pile of SHIT that follows.

    simplicity. what a wonderful word.


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