What your writing says about yourself

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feelings play a big part at this game of writing; yesterday, I found a few cd’s with some past blog posts from another website I had many moons ago and I was amazed at the transformation. the writing seemed somewhat different to the reality I write now.

what I have noticed about me is that when I am hurt, I write so much better. my feelings, my thoughts, my ambitions come out as if no one was watching. how do we even presume to know what is good or what is not. we are the worse critics in the world when it comes to our own work. other bloggers will have you believe many ideas on how to get followers, how to rank the best of all the writers and yet, I feel as though with all these opinions, the one that stands out the most is our own.

I believe it is about uniqueness and sharing a message. no matter what the subject or what you are trying to sell, we are all important. the minute one realizes this, all changes.


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