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what i have learned this week is this, no matter what city or country you are in, people react and act in the same way. there is always some asshole getting under your skin.

this week i traveled across the country on business and i have met some pretty unique individuals. some of which i already knew and are great people to hang out with. i appreciate their value and insight on our mutual subject. there are some who seem to stand out in the crowd. irritating, loud and obnoxious. you pretty much just want to slap them or tell them what you really think but of course we all know that is not respectful. although i am a big believer of letting people be who they are some people need to be told once in a while.

in stressful times we all find our way to deal and as this week progressed, there were times when i needed some quiet alone time. not only to study and adhere to deadlines but just for the sake of being quiet. i find we must give ourselves those moments in order to survive the mockery of others. on my last night, the pressure is off and i am surrounded by the beauty of this city. i am always grateful as everyone knows when i visit places because i appreciate the chance to view the world.

the gardens and the campus here is full of memorials and wonderful landscape. it really makes you think about the people who have passed through here and how many stories they may have had. the history behind this place is also quit interesting and will long be in the books for years to come.

i find it amazing how many people take advantage of place. i, on the hand, find i am in luxury for a week because these are things i do not possess. take for instance our rooms, i swear it may seem a small thing for some but for me it is an escape. i love hot tubs but i also like a nice luxurious bubble bath and i can tell you i have had one every day this week. thank you, thank you. the other fun part is someone comes into your room and makes your bed every day. (that’s my ha ha moment) like any other place if you leave money on the desk, they treat you like royalty and give you extra things.

all packed and ready to go, i am not sure i will ever return here but i can honestly say, i have learned many new things and experienced a lifetime of knowledge.



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