What we can achieve deepens our inner self

i don’t know about most of you but each week i set goals. things i want to achieve, things i need to achieve and something new i want to try. this happens after you go away for a vacation when you feel as though you have loss that sense of routine, stability or even restrictions.

when you want to feel good about yourself, you need to really look inside and decide what is so toxic that you need to get rid of. my unhealthy toxic self compares myself to others all the time, i either want what they have and strive to achieve it or i want to look like they do. very bad in itself right from the get go and it should be something i have banished many moons ago but it is still there. i noticed it while i was away in Mexico, how i compared my life, my look to others i seen everywhere i walked.

the reality of this is you can’t go somewhere and magically feel as though everything will change. even if you change your environment, nothing changes about how you feel unless you do the work. i do envy those who can afford to stay there for months on end or even retire in this beautiful place but in the end it is also about how you feel about yourself that makes that network more inviting.

we all want that feel good moment when all is possible and nothing could stop you from being that epic person you want so much but it must start here in the now. as i look outside this morning at the white blanket of snow, i should just be grateful i made it back in one piece. so many are suffering out there and starving and we Canadians are truly lucky.

this week i will focus on the good i have, set myself 3 goals and know in my mind i can do this. a feel moment only comes from really being and you need to be content with what you know and have. appreciate the goodness all around you and never set yourself short.