What we believe to be our Existence and Validation

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this morning I am thinking of things that make me feel good, things that lift my happiness and most of all my way of life. I live by simple rules and nothing that will stress my relationships. I am also a believer in realistic moments because it is the only way to see things.

as they are…

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another word comes to mind is validation. I know it is really great when people notice your existence and depending on the situation, sometimes we need more than validation; we need acceptance. although we should not be concerned with what others say, do or think, it does matter in a small way.

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the human conditioning is a very complicated thing; we want, we need the others to know we are great at something yet the other part of your human nature is saying who gives a shit. now, this only happens when people find the desire to be negative about something we do or say.

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why is that?

the reasoning behind people who are unacceptable of something is merely a mirror image of themselves and something they do not like about their existence. it really has nothing to do with you personally. I have learned to realize this so profoundly that I know it has helped me in many ways in the past 6 months.

today is April 1st, 2019 and I am reminded of how quick this year has already passed us by. my goals this month are positivity, career and a good feeling about life in general. I want to be successful in whatever is given to me and grateful for my life.

I want to know what you think makes you and how you plan on making April the best month ever!


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