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how do you begin to truly know someone? you can’t. people are changing all the time and it is only because life is a constant revolving door. time is a crazy thing; we grow, we learn, we observe and it does not matter how you think you know someone, at the turn of a page, that person could be someone else entirely.

I have interacted with many people whom I thought for a slight moment were my friends and as it turns out, they were or should say had a plan of their own because the circumstances have changed. deep down, I always know when someone has an agenda but there is always the hope that I will find that one true friend that I can trust.

there are also the ones’ we never speak about; the strangers whom you see and talk to every day. they probably know you more than you know yourself and in the end, they may find something interesting you would never even considered.

what bothers me this morning are people who can’t face reality and face the truth. they bicker behind each others backs like it is totally acceptable. unfortunately, this plays a means to an end and can certainly hurt others. the old saying goes “if they are talking about me, they aren’t talking about others” is a farce. if you gossip, it becomes a reflection of who you are only because it shows insecurity in yourself.

there are things we would not want people to know or find out about our secrets but what does it really matter because in the end, the dirt always comes out in the wash.

this world needs to be a better place; more love, more friendships, and most of all more trust in people.


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