What People don’t Understand

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my pet peeve lately, people trying to change and tell me what to do or how to act! what is wrong with being who we are and what we value in life? how is it that people think they have the right to tell us how we should feel, say or do?

i have always, i mean always accepted everyone for who they are; i have never tried changing anyone or telling them what they should do in any given situation. i let them feel, i let them ride their own roller coaster because i know that even if they say and do is wrong, in the end they will realize it. we are all unique in our own way, we all deal with things differently and you should never, ever try to change someone’s view on anything.

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i am very upset with most of the people in my life because they see me as somewhat of a turn it up, loud, voice my opinion any way i see fit but they do not accept it. they constantly are trying to control the situation, telling me i should do this and i should do that or even worse or pretend they really care when we know in life people always have motive for doing what they do.

how i deal with my own shit…

i like to be left alone, i never had been one to go to people when i have issues or problems, because for one thing it’s my life and the other NO ONE UNDERSTANDS. you can’t begin to understand another person’s feelings because you aren’t them. everyone deals with shit in their own way and i am one who likes silence. i guess some people don’t get that but they will have to understand this is how i deal with my own crap. i don’t want to be told how to act, or what to say, or how my life should be and if i am not happy, i have good reasons not to be. leave it the fuck alone!!!

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some people lash out, others use therapy, others indulge, i ride my own roller coaster and feel what i feel to better understand why this is happening. maybe some day i will be happy again, but for now, my life is work my 8 hours a day, pay my bills, sleep when i can and remember to breathe.


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