What is Satisfaction

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today I deal with the idea that blogging is better than it should be, therefore, recreating this place I love to be should be better, right?

we process everything differently and when i am stressed or have mixed feelings about my life, nothing works. struggling to make things better, i find myself taking moments of how arty or creative i can truly be.

this is one of those times.

as you can tell, my time is limited now and with a great deal to fix up, I will make up for it soon. in the meantime, i came up with this new / old theme design i thought was quite pretty but functional.

i will try it for the week and see how it reacts.

quick note: i think the new wordpress 5.2.2 is giving us grief. i have fixed the internal error code but it is still giving me this bullshit when i load pages.


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