What is On the Agenda

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most of us can fulfil their days with absolutely nothing to do. others need to “pre-plan” everything in order to keep focus. i think humans in general go about their daily business as it is in their own personal life. whether work, play, duty, our days must consist of something to feel something.

i am no different – i wake up with a list of things to do beside my keyboard and for the most part i make that list happen. i guess it is a way of keeping my thoughts all organised or simply filling the gaps. honestly it’s a way of making sure i fill complete.

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what i have noticed lately with all this laying around doing nothing is i feel useless, like because i am unable to do to much at once, i am less of a human being. sounds silly but the truth is i feel less important when sitting around. it isn’t about the world, it is about my need to feel accomplished. i can’t stand doing nothing! of course because i am physically limited these (because of surgery) when i do things, an hour later i am sleeping in my lawn chair.

now there is relaxation!

we all have our own agenda, how we make it happen is unique. what we need to remember is this: why?


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